Introduction To Your Ultimate Love Partner




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Duration: 1.5 hours
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There is a One and Only Love Partner for each one of us, and whom you will love unconditionally. This person is also known as your Spirit Mate. Your Spirit Mate is the other part of you – your spiritual half in another body.

Join our webinar and learn much more about your One and Only Spirit Mate Love Partner:

Webinar topics:

  • What is a Spirit Mate?
  • What is so unique about your Spirit Mate?
  • How does a Spirit Mates relationship differ from other relationships?
  • Hear the true story of how the Spirit Mates couple Anni & Carsten Sennov found each other at spirit level
  • Hear the true story of how the Spirit Mates couple Sophelia & Aamod Korhonen met at soul level

It’s warmly recommended that you read Anni & Carsten Sennov’s book "SPIRIT MATES – How to Find Your Soul Mate Version 2.0 – Your Ultimate Love Partner" before and after you participate in our webinars.

The webinar can only be viewed once.


Here's what others are saying about the Spirit Mates Webinar 1:

Thank you all for a wonderful Webinar. ❤️It is amazing how the Spirit energy comes through even on this medium. Anni, Carsten, Aamod and Sophelia, as examples of Spirit Mates you are awesome and your stories so joyous. It was really interesting to hear Sophelia and Aamod’s experience as Soul Mates and then Spirit Mates. I am looking forward to doing the online course on this 🙏🙏🙏 and to the next webinar ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for an amazing webinar <3 it's so wonderful to feel the feeling of lightness, pure love and connection. You make a difference to so many people <3 <3 <3

I thought it might be difficult to hear about the spirit mate stories since I lost my consciousness mate. But it was wonderful!

I will definitely participate in the next webinar💖


The Spirit Mates Universe

Meeting your Spirit Mate – the true love of your life – is an amazing experience. It’s like meeting yourself in another body. When living together with your Spirit Mate, you can be sure to have a love relationship consisting of unconditional love, honesty, trust, loving support, inner balance and no drama ♡
There is so much more to it than you can ever imagine.

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The Presenters: Anni & Carsten Sennov

We are the founders of the four universes:

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  • The Spirit Mates Universe
  • The Energy Self-Defense Universe
  • The four element profile™ Universe
  • The AuraTransformation™ Universe (including the Golden Energy)

We are involved in international publishing, training and consulting activities both directly and through associated partners.

Anni is a Clairvoyant Advisor, International Lecturer and Spiritual Author of 30+ books on personal transformation and spirituality with Carsten being the co-author of 10+ books.

Carsten is the CEO of Good Adventures Publishing, and SennovPartners, where he periodically works as a Senior Executive Consultant and Advisor for Business Leaders. In addition, he oversees the continued international expansion of SennovPartners' franchise-based spiritual training businesses worldwide.

We have published books in 10 languages and have sold rights to Japan and Estonia. Our French and English books are available on Amazon and others, and our Japanese books are available on Amacon.co.jp.

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Aamod & Sophelia Korhonen

AamodAamod-Sophelia-Spirit Mates foto.jpg

My goal on life’s journey is to inspire people to make positive change in their lives. From my own experience, I know that change isn’t easy. It takes time and commitment, but the results speak for themselves. Your life can be amazing!

Growing up in Sweden in the 70’s and 80s wasn’t easy for me; much of my early life was plagued with addiction. During my teens and twenties it felt like I was lost in the wilderness and didn’t seem to have any purpose in my life. I suffered from bouts of severe depression for years and even tried to commit suicide. It was when I hit rock-bottom, now more than 20 years ago, that I knew I had to change my life and that’s when I started my personal development journey.

When I met my wife, Sophelia, about ten years ago, it was like she flicked a switch. We had both been doing a lot of personal development before we met, but we knew that to make big changes, and speed up our personal development journey, we had to take charge of our lives with massive action discovering many different kinds of therapy and meditation.

Since we completed our AuraTransformation™ in 2013, the difference it has made to our lives and our family has been profound. I have continued my studies and am working as a Certified Aura Mediator™ besides being a photographer, raindrop massage therapist, EFT coach, and an assistant nurse.

I completely turned my life around and know you can too. You CAN make the decision and get the support you need to change your life. Go on… I dare you!


Working as a Certified Aura Mediator™ in Sweden, England, Spain and Latvia, I am blessed to be able to follow my passion of inspiring others to follow their Spiritual Path. With the support of my husband, Aamod, and my three wonderful children, I have completed a 4-year education as a therapist at Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands. Life is good; but it hasn’t always been that way.

Born in Sweden in 1965, my teenage years can only be described as ‘wild.’ I was living life at a very fast pace and at just 21 became seriously ill and severely depressed. In the years that followed, I found myself in different places around the world, including India and the UK exploring different forms of self-development, to create wellness and balance in my life.

A turning point for me was meeting Aamod and completing our AuraTransformations together. The effect it has had on our relationship with each other, our family and friendships has been truly transformational. This shift into The New Time energy and its effects on our lives has made it possible for us to give the same opportunity to others. I want to support as many people as possible through transformational shift, working as an assisting nurse and using my skills as an Aura Mediator™, photographer, and EFT coach, as well as offering intuitive one-to-one sessions.

As you can see, I also run regular webinars about Spirit Mates together with my wonderful husband, Aamod, and with Anni and Carsten Sennov, and both Aamod and I are co-administrators in the Facebook group “SPIRIT MATES – Your Soul Mate Version 2.0”.