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Meeting your Spirit Mate will give you great personal pleasure and enjoyment when the timing is right. Therefore, many people want to meet their Spirit Mate right away to get all the good things from this very unique type of relationship without knowing what is really expected from them.

To be united with Your Perfect Love Match and Your One and Only Spiritual Love Partner demands a lot more from you than you can ever imagine, because your partner is constantly mirroring your own energy. However, the excitement and the joy of being together will surpass everything else in your life.

Join this very interesting online course to learn about the 10 ground rules in any Spirit Mates relationship and how you can prepare yourself in the best possible way for your OWN unique Spirit Mates love relationship.

It’s warmly recommended that you read Anni & Carsten Sennov’s book "SPIRIT MATES – How to Find Your Soul Mate Version 2.0 – Your Ultimate Love Partner" before and/or after you participate in this online course.

It's a 5 day course where one module is released every day.

MODULE 1: RULE NO. 1 AND 2 (13:11)

  • The right timing
  • Your expectations

MODULE 2: RULE NO. 3 and 4 (13:10)

  • How you express yourselves
  • How you support each other

MODULE 3 - RULE NO. 5 AND 6 (19:44)

  • Synergy
  • Trust

MODULE 4 - RULE NO. 7 AND 8 (14:28)

  • The Perfect Heart Match
  • Your auras also match each other

MODULE 5 - RULE NO. 9 AND 10 (24:41)

  • The Spirit Mates Integration Process
  • Your common dharma
  • Read more


The Spirit Mates Universe

Meeting your Spirit Mate – the true love of your life – is an amazing experience. It’s like meeting yourself in another body. When living together with your Spirit Mate, you can be sure to have a love relationship consisting of unconditional love, honesty, trust, loving support, inner balance and no drama ♡
There is so much more to it than you can ever imagine.

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The Presenters: Anni & Carsten Sennov

We are the founders of the four universes:

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  • The Spirit Mates Universe
  • The Energy Self-Defense Universe
  • The four element profile™ Universe
  • The AuraTransformation™ Universe (including the Golden Energy)

We are involved in international publishing, training and consulting activities both directly and through associated partners.

Anni is a Clairvoyant Advisor, International Lecturer and Spiritual Author of 30+ books on personal transformation and spirituality with Carsten being the co-author of 10+ books.

Carsten is the CEO of Good Adventures Publishing, and SennovPartners, where he periodically works as a Senior Executive Consultant and Advisor for Business Leaders. In addition, he oversees the continued international expansion of SennovPartners' franchise-based spiritual training businesses worldwide.

We have published books in 10 languages and have sold rights to Japan and Estonia. Our French and English books are available on Amazon and others, and our Japanese books are available on

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